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"I am thrilled I can communicate directly with Tim's team. As you can tell I am just thrilled I found Tim on-line, he and his team are
wonderful, easy to access and responsible. They work together to make my on-line shopping experience enjoyable.”

Dina E. Town of Hamptonburgh, NY

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Thank you for visiting my official website and enjoy shopping at my Frogman online gallery. To protect the value of your Frogman sculpture, I do not allow any gallery or website to sell my artwork at a lower price than the artist price you will find here I am proud of the beauty and fine craftsmanship of my sculptures, and I want my collectors to be pleased. You can purchase with confidence. Collectors know my sculptures are about bringing more happiness and joy into your life. I am proud to offer you my friendly staff and fine service to make your shopping pleasurable. Frogman Collection is the official website for Tim Cotterill, known throughout the world as Frogman. Frogman sculpture is elegant, beautiful and stylish. Frogman, Tim Cotterill, has been sculpting bronze frogs, bronze koi and bronze geckos for the last 20 years in Venice, California. Frogman art is sold in Frogman galleries around the world. Many people have been inspired by Tim Cotterill and write to him. Because Tim Cotterill is an unusual name, he has received fan mail addressed to Tim Coteril the Frog man, Tim Cotteril the Frogman, Tim Coterril the Frogman, Tim Contrell the Frog Man, Tim Cottrill the Frogman, Tim Cotrill the Frogman, and even Tim Frogman. While he did receive all these letters, your best bet to reach him is to send your letters to this website.

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